Maintenance Testing and Servicing for HV, MV and LV Circuit Breakers


Testing of associated control and protection equipment


Provide on site Installation, Inspection and Commissioning of HV, MV & LV Equipment


On site modifications, repairs and retrofitting of equipment

About PRSS

PRSS is an independent company providing bespoke servicing/services for Industrial Power Control and Distribution Networks, and manufacturers of the associated equipment.

As with most established and new industries of today the variations of equipment in use can be considerable.
This often leads to confusion when vendor/manufacturers are employed to provide their services. The boundary’s of their work are often hard to define and co-ordinate especially when a number of vendors are involved. The resulting effects can lead to unforeseen costs and at times unavoidable delays. Documentation can also be difficult to collate when attempting to bring together paperwork for records.

 can attend to these problems and is geared to provide a service totally tailored to the requirements of the customer and their equipment.


Circuit Breakers

• Air Circuit Breakers
• Vacuum Circuit Breakers
• Oil Circuit Breakers
• Gas Insulated Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are often regarded as glorified switches that sit in a panel either “on” or “off”. The development and design of the circuit breaker during the twentieth century was considerable. All designed to meet with ever increasing demands and restraints. Unfortunately the development to produce a maintenance free unit appears to be a quest for the twenty first century.

The majority of manufacturers give guidance into Operation and Maintenance procedures for the equipment but fail to point out the potential problems that can develop if the equipment is not checked and serviced.

PRSS can provide full maintenance and servicing of many types of circuit breakers from a basic visual inspection through to a full overhaul.

Protection Equipment

• Motor Protection
• Feeder Unit Protection
• Busbar Protection
• Generator Protection
• Translay
• Buchholz
• Synchronising Devices
• Tripping & Control Equipment
• Transformer Protection

Protection relay technology has advanced dramatically over the years offering the end user a complex array of features. Often the relays will however only require a fraction of the settings available to be utilised. Protection relays whether they are of the electro-mechanical or microprocessor based are precise measuring devices and require periodic testing to prove correct functionality.

 can provide full maintenance/servicing/commissioning of many types of protection relays and devices (old and new) manufactured by companies such as ABB, AEI, Alstom, Areva, Asea, BBC, Brown Boveri, CEE, Combiflex, GEC-Alsthom, P&B, Reyrolle, SEG, Siemens, Stromburg, and VA-Tech, to name but a few.


• Upgrading of Switchgear
• Upgrading of Protection Relays
• Upgrading Control and Indication Devices
• Mechanical Modifications
• Panel Wiring
• Drawing Modifications

Renovation and upgrading of switchboards can be a cost effective economical solution to the problem with high maintenance, unreliable equipment, along with obsolete technology and poor safety conditions. A retrofit or refurbishment can greatly enhance availability and reliability, increase safety and meet regulatory standards along with up-and-coming legislation. At the same time the savings made can be considerable compared with the capital expenditure required for a complete new system.

 is able to provide this service whether it is a single MCC compartment to a complete switchboard.

Installation, Inspection & Commissioning

• Extension Panels
• New Switchboards
• Reconditioned Switchboards
• Control Cubicles
• Protection Panels

PRSS can provide full installation, Inspection and commissioning of many types of panels whether it be a single stand alone or wall mounted panel to a complete switchboard. The equipment can also be tested either to terminal or complete integrated system commissioning tailored to the customers requirements. All testing and/or commissioning is supported by documentation in paper or electronic format (or both) for customer records.

Maintenance, Inspections, Overhaul & Test

• Motor Control Cubicles
• Busbars (Insulation, Resistance and torque checking)
• Circuit Breaker Maintenance and Testing
• Protection, Tripping and Control Relay function checks
• Indication (Local and Remote) function checks
• Current and Voltage Transformers
(ratio, polarity and magnetization)
• Contactors LV & MV.
• Power Transformers (oil and cast resin)

Within any industry the concept of carrying out maintenance of their electrical system is often difficult to arrange. Isolation of circuits often means no production leading to lost revenue and reduced profits. History shows that in most cases unplanned power outages are the most expensive. Along with lost production there is usually damaged equipment and in the worst case injury to personnel. With increasing litigation insurance companies and regulatory agencies are forcing companies to take a more responsible roll in maintaining the integrity of their electrical systems and networks.

The services that PRSS is able to offer are second to none with dedicated personnel employed to address or at least identify potential problems.


Recent Projects

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